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Rajendra Rajani,
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Are the following Five Rupees coins minted in Copper-Nickel for circulation?

2005b, Dandi March (Cupro-Nickel)

2006c ONGC (Cupro-Nickel

2006c SBI (Cupro-nickel)

2007b, War of Independence (Cupro-Nickel)

2007b KVIC (Cupro-Nickel)

Some people tell me that these coins are not minted in-Copper Nickel for circulation. and the ones for sale are from broken UNC sets. Can anybody throw light that these coins are minted in Copper-Nickel for circulation as well?

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Site Owner
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"Some people" are right. :)

"Coin collecting is the only hobby in the world that you can
spend all the money in the world and still have some left over" 
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Vivek Rohilla
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rs 5 coin of  international corp scicence year 1997


Vivek Rohilla

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