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1 - There will be absolutely no name callings or swearing. Flame wars won't be tolerated.

2 – Personal attacks are not permitted. All forum members, senior or new, will treat each other equally and with respect.

3.1 – Self promotion is not permitted. If you have a blog or website, please mention that in your profile page.

3.2- If you wish to share your contact information, don't post it in the forum but rather in your profile page or via private message. Defaulters will be treated as spammers.

4 – Multiple posts and/or threads will be deleted. Please do not make multiple posts or threads on the same subject, even if they are in different areas or forum sections.

5 – Do not violate any copyright laws or use any copyrighted materials in posts.

6 – Signature lines may contain a link to a website which you own or otherwise control. Signatures are not to be used for advertising pitches. They can however be used for informational statements which reflect your character, or other tasteful information about yourself or your coin collection. Signature lines should not contain political or religious comments.

7 – Avatars of a political or pornographic nature will not be permitted.

8 - If you wish to offer anything for sale/buy or swap to a member, then please use Private Messaging feature of the site and don't post it in a thread. You can also use the Open forums. Please note that Open forums has seperate set of posting rules. 

9 - Members involved in activities deemed as spamming will be deleted immediately without notification or warning.

10 - Members are discouraged from using political or religious topics even though they might be related to numismatics in the forums. The posts might be removed if the moderators find them inappropriate.

In addition to the aforementioned forum rules please also see ICN website's "Terms of Service"

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11 - Please post answers/comments that are relevant and relate/refer to the thread topic.

Off-topic posts will be edited/deleted from now on.

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