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Pavan Kumar
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Hello dear fellow collectors-

I have a question regarding serial numbers on Indian currency. Could you give me an insight on the logic of serial numbers?

What is the significance of the letters on either side of the number. How many notes are printed with same serial number and so on? Thanks for your time.


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Hi Pavan. Unlike some other countries; Indian bank note serial numbers do not signify anything other than press run.

The 3 alphanumeric prefix before the 6 digit serial number is in the format of two numerals and an alphabet in case of 5,10 & 20 Rupees notes and a numeral and two alphabets in case of 50, 100, 500 & 1000 Rupees notes.

The inset letters that are found in the serials (also without inset letters) are alloted to the four Indian security printing presses but no list is made available to the public citing security reasons.

Hope it helps :)

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