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Forum Home > Error Coins > 1947 1 Rupee: Is this geniune Rotation Die error coin?

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This has come to my collection from my grandmother and hence I feel 99% confident that this is a geniune coin.

Obverse of this coin is rotated at 90 degree. Just wanted to check with experts though if my luck is real :roll:



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Ranjit : You are fast catching up.

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Thanks Mr. Kausik. I started into this hobby in 2010 year and I regret wasting so many years of my life not starting it before. Nevermind. It's never too late :D

I'm glad that many of you guys are helping beginners like me to build good knowledge in this hobby.


Hi all,

My question is still unanswered if this is a geniune coin or not.  Can you please help me confirm this.

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I prefer to answer 2nd or later when someone seeks expert opinion ;)

The coin appears genuine and hence you have a original die axis rotation error coin. No idea about the rarity; I think I saw only another similar example before. Congrats :)

"Coin collecting is the only hobby in the world that you can
spend all the money in the world and still have some left over" 
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