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Hello people recent i got 3 specimens of ancient punch marked coins of mauryan origin with 5 marks/coin from some local jeweller, i am attaching 2 photogarphs of these coins. I paid rs 250 per coin weighing 3.3 gm each. The jeweller has offered me more of these coins?

I want to know what is the market value(both national and international) of these coins?

And should i go on to buy more of these coins.

Rony sir your advise pls?

January 17, 2011 at 3:58 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Today i went to the same jeweller for buying these coins and he demanded Rs 1000 per coin, all of a sudden he increased the price. But yesterday luckily i got 3 of such coin at 250/- per coin. Should i buy at the new rate or just forget these coins as the jeweller is extremely hard to deal with.

Experts please advise me and help me out on this topic and i will be gratefull to you all.

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I also have 15 of such coins and any information would be valuable to me as well ............

thanks in advance

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