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This is coin that I feel pretty excited about to have one. Again got in circulation and didn't notice it when I recieved it. I noticed it only accidently later when I was picking spare change for day-to-day usage. Good lesson for me to be more careful and have open eyes next time onwards.


Looks like 2 Rupee coin (Mumbai mint) is struck on 1 Rupee planchet . Both sides of the planchet is struck with 2 Rupee obverse and Reverse.

Is this mule coin? Or mule coin means only one side of the coin is struck with wrong face?


I assume this is a rare variety of error coin?


Image below has 3 coins for comparison.

Top, left coin is the 2 Rupee coin on 1 Rupee planchet.

Top, right 1 Rupee is regular coin.

Bottom 2 Rupee is regular coin.


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Yup, it's not a mule coin but wrong planchet error. These are extremely rare variety of error coins. Congrats again mate :)

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