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What would be a reasonable price to buy a 5 Rs cross coin. Since my attempts to collect that coin through swap has failed, may be I would need to consider buying it. Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks!

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It is difficult to estimate value of a coin which is not as rare as the coin dealers would like us to think. The mintage is comparable to 2005 tenners in my opinion but unlike the 2005 tenners it was distributed in Calcutta only as far as I know and needless to say that all the stocks were hoarded. I would say 200 would to be a reasonable price but I suspect you won't find many willing to sale at this price. The lowest now selling at flebay is 700 bucks.

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Generally the market value is around 150 to 200 bucks. But there is strong voice going on that this same coin will be released in later part of this year. As the coin was released in calcutta and lot many collectors hoarded to hike the price. Hope so govt will release this coin across india.

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