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Dear Sir/Madam,

If anyone kindly can tell the value of George V King Emperor One Rupee Silver Coin 1919. How much is it worth? ...

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I had purchased this coin from GOA dealer in 2008 for Rs 450. Its normal 1919 silver one rupee coin. Currently another dealer was quoting ~2000 for Silver coin but not sure of 1919.


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dilip saraf
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Fair price of this 1919 silver one rupee coin is between 700/800 bucks.

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broken compass
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The value of a coin is completely dependent on the grade of the coin. A Indian silver rupee from 1919 with no mint luster on it and with most of the details on it visible can be bought for Rs720. The value of silver in it as per today's silver price is Rs530. The coin with complete mint luster, excellent strike, no cleaning, slabbed can get as expensive as Rs9000-Rs12000. (MS 63+)

Any other metal that is used will be very different in metallic weight and density than silver. When you buy silver coins, they can be fakes, so always weigh your silver. coins and measure it's thickness so that you can be sure it's not fake.

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dilip saraf at May 11, 2011 at 6:46 AM

Fair price of this 1919 silver one rupee coin is between 700/800 bucks.

It is fair value but nobody offering the coin at this rate.1 dealer from Gujrath was in pune he wanted to sell 25 KGV coins for 1100 each.And 26 Queen Victoria coins for 1300 each.Also another one was saying KGV coin for 1000 bucks.

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vishal jain
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SIR I GEORGE V KING & EMPEROR ONLY 4 COINS ARE EXPENSIVE 1911= 100$ , 1915 = 40$ , 1921 = 60$ & OF 1922 = 60$ ALL REST CUMS FOR AROUND 20 TO 25 $ 

August 28, 2011 at 3:03 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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