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I found the following editorial in a NumisIndica newsletter. It is very true what Mr.Shastri points out, the attitudes of the India collector is so different. What do you think about this article? 



Let Information Be Free!!

Indians have always been obsessed with knowledge and information. That is why they were able to craft metal, stone, and wood into unbelievably delicate, intricate, and complex patterns. Yet almost all of that information has become extinct because of our unhealthy zeal to keep that information secret and confidential. One can see that tendency when visiting historical monuments and museums when the staff strictly forbids people from using camera. It seems as though the camera has the power to capture the Taj Mahal into a bottle like a genie.

This attitude has affected the numismatic fraternity also to some extent. Many people do not wish to give away anything free. If they have a rare coin, they wish to keep it as a monument to their own name and do not allow people to freely photograph it. This attitude has to change.

The world of internet is a world of free exchange of information. Tons of information is available on any number of subjects. Millions of photographs are available just for the asking. The same attitude needs to possess us.

Numis Indica goes against this grain by making everything available freely in Creative Commons. Everything that we publish is available for reuse with acknowledgement. Let us make information free, and it will return to us with a hundredfold blessing. 

Shastri JC Philip

Chief Editor


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