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A fellow coin collector Mr. Singh in his blog recently published this wonderful poem. Just wish to share with my fellow collectors here..

Money, money everywhere, but not a pice to spend;

If this keeps up, our marriage is coming to an end.

Money in every dresser drawer and money on the shelf;

But there isn't one thin pice to spend upon myself.

Silver rupees and nickel rupees , and golden fivers, too!

Some of them are old and worn, and some of them are new.

I wish my husband cared as much about the way I look. . . .

The paycheck that he gets doesn't seem to mean a thing to me,

'Cause hubby needs a Land Vital two rupee.

As soon as he gets the coin, he'll be looking for some other;

I think I'd be better off if I went on home to mother.

One day in desperation, I took a rupee two;

His yell can shatter the heavens, I tell you that is true!

Another time I took a coin that he said was a "proof;"

When I told him I spent it, I thought he'd raise the roof!

With all that money 'round the house, we're really very poor;

I'm getting sick and tired of it, of that I'm really sure!

So, I advise you, single girls, if you want a happy life;

Don't marry a coin collector and be a Coin Collector's Wife,

Shouting, "Money money everywhere and not a pice to spend;"

Don't ever let a coin collector be more than just a friend.



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Nice and entertaining :)

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