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Your help needed in one issue. one friend of mine from outside India sent me around 15-20 coins of different countries in a registered post almost a month back. total cost of coins won't be more than $30. it got clear from mumbai port. suddenly I received a letter from Customs, Postal appraising Department, Kolkata for that parcel/reg letter, demanding NOC from RBI and Invoice also to be present there by person shortly otherwise it will return or they take it in their possesion. what should I do...plzzz advice soon.



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Write an application to the superintendent with a separate inventory of all the coins with their present nominal value. Go to their office and explain that you have received them as gift and it was not a business transaction and hence you won't require either IEC or invoice. I have done this couple of times with success.

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Seriously all this red tape around a bunch of coins sent into the country is an overkill. That's why a lot of companies find it hard to do business in India.  20th century closed India rules to the open world of the 21st century!

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