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Dear Collectors,Though I cannot reply, to the indvidual mails and queries I receive, I am writing as separate topics.

I will scan few images of original coins and upload it when during my free time. But these are all just for reference as these coins 150 years old technology when it was minted, but now a days these coins can be minted easily because of the advancement in technology (To site a example an advanced technology phone is copied and manufactures, and sold at 1/4 the price of it, cant they mint a coins).  Please be very careful in buying british india coins and more over if you happen to look at the coin collection from collectors please have a look at those coins to have some good idea/knowledge and also good books as it has become hard to differentiate. Since I wanted to create awarness and curious on these fakes, and wanted throw some light on my experiences (which had taken most my precious time during my weekends) and also information collected from street sellers to coin dealers

1.      Since Mysore being historical place lot of foreigners visit these places, these is the place where the coins sells maximum in the road sides and also in the numismatic shops. Visitors/Collectors buy these coins assuming as originals by paying high prices. You can get  coins of Tippu sultan / Moughals and other era coins(original /Fake your choice).

2.      These Silver coins also contain the same percentage of Silver or nearly to the original (Which was tested and confirmed by a Seller for a fake Silver coin as I informed him all those coins which sells are replicas)

3.      To get a good antique looks for Fake  Copper Coins of British India(Lower Denominations) usually these copper coins are made to look original if they soak it in oil for a period of 4-7 days to get that look and color.

4.      For Silver coins these coins are oxidized to get the antique look and used condition look (Not a easy task).

5.   I have come across this Person, who selects the best part of these coins and he carries and gives it to Dealers/Auction houses who in turn packs in a good way and sells at high premiums as about UNC or UNC conditions.

6.  You can get  Silver coins of ½ Rupee  and 1 Rupee Queen Victoria and William Half Rupee as well which are minted locally which looks as used condition and is sold as originals at good price (40 – 50 % lower than auction manuals prices), usually collectors think that they got these coins at lower price not knowing that these coins are fake /replicas of originals.

7.  The interesting part is that 1962 dot varities. Don't be surprised if you come across 20 dots and are termed as RARE, these dots can be easily minted by a highly Skilled GOLD SMITH and it is hard to differentiate. If you think you have got a extremely rare DOT varierty and wanted to buy , then have a extra thought befor buying these coins as you are paying high prices for these coins.

The content I had mentioned above is my experiences with those people and information I got to know during my hunt for my collection process in search for Authentic coins of history. These is not for the people/dealers who sell genuine coins.

Enjoy your hobby with Pleasure and Passion



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Yup. Although the design and manufacturing of 1862 Rupee coins were done with great degree of complexity for that time, the engraving of the dots in dies looks relative crude, something that can be executed by any modern metalsmith with relative ease and dupe collectors looking for varieties.


"Coin collecting is the only hobby in the world that you can spend all the money in the world and still have some left over"

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Thanks for the information Bala, really helpful and eye opening. I am new to coin collecting and trying to grab a few coins for Re 1 on British Era (Elizabeth, William, George, Edward Series of various years). I came through a jeweller who claims selling these after acquiring them from villages. Some of the coins that I saw were too good to be 100 years old. He claims that he washed those before selling. How do I really identify a fake there? Should I buy a coin thats rather old looking? Any idea whats a good price? Thanks in advance for your help.

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I think I got all the answers in your second post. really helpful. Thanks.

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