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The Rarest of all the british india coins is 1878 quarter rupee. The mintage is only 44000 . The mintage of 1880 half rupee is 1.8 lakhs which is selling at 1 lakh whereas 1878 quarter rupee is only 44000. verify the info from international manuals like kruase and pigmore . as per pigmore the mintage is 44264 and as per krause it is 44000. searching this coin in UNC since 6 months . searched in bangalore hyderbad bombay exhibition and every where but in vain. i have chosen the krause manual comaprison page of 1880 half rupee and 1878 quarter rupee page as my profile picture. can anyone reply whether 1878 quarter rupee is really rarer than 1880 half rupee

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Mintage numbers are one way to determine the rarity of the coin. But again there is another factor called availability. Even though a coin has high mintage numbers, there might just be a few coins available in the market, lower than the coin with low mintage numbers. One way US coins are measured is by their NGC/PCGS populations but for Indian coins its a little hard to determine rarity with not a lot of information.

There is just one 1878 1/4 rupee graded by NGC and there are a couple of 1878 1/4 rupee proofs/restrikes that have been graded by PCGS.

After a lot of searching I did find the 1878 1/4 rupee on the recent Baldwin's auction. Two coins were up for sale in two lots but they were with other coins. One lot sold for 720 Pounds and the other lot for 300 pounds. Both of them sold 10 times higher than the estimated values. It was a part of the Yasodha Singh collection. You missed it by a couple of weeks.

The 1880 half rupee doesnt seem to be that rare. Two of those were sold in the second lot along with the 1878 1/4 rupee for 300 pounds. 1 Lakh is a little too much :) 

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