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true story about me buying "raw" or "ungraded" coins from a dealer on February 5th 2012


Sanjay/Me: So what do you have for me today?

Dealer: Oh yes, I have this really nice coin for you.

Me: Let me see the coin please.

Dealer: Here you are, and what a beauty.

Me: This is a nice coin, and you do understand that this coin is toned, and has a high mintage?

Dealer: How come every time you buy a coin from me it's cleaned, was heavily minted, it's scratched, polished..

Dealer: there is a planchet flaw, it's a weak strike, it was artificially toned, it's common.

Dealer: There is always something wrong with my fu#&ing coin that I am selling to you. Why is that?

Me: I only mentioned the coin has the highest mintage in the series.

Me: How much do you want for the coin?

Dealer: How much do you wanna pay? The book says $260 in UNC and $140 in XF. How about $250

Me: I have to make money as well, and you can sell it to the book for that price.

Dealer: $225

Me: Too much

Dealer: $200

Me: No

Dealer: Well you tell me how much do you wanna pay? You tell me.

Me: I want to pay $180

Dealer: Absolutely not, no way, and I will not sell the coin for that price. No way, and look at how nice it the coin is in hand.

Me: Fine. $190

Dealer: $195...look at the gorgeous toning

Me: I am paying $190, and that's it.

Dealer: Fine. There is always something wrong with my coin when you buy from me. Always (he shakes his head)

Me: I have to use these tactics to get an idea of your price.

Dealer: You always employ these tactics, "it's cleaned, it's scratched, dark toning, it has no luster"

Me: True. I do. What else do you have for sale?

Dealer: Well I have this Egypt 20 Piastre coin.

Me: It's cleaned, and it has hairlines.

Dealer: Yes, but they are hard to find.

Me: Are they?

Dealer: It's a "Tough Coin"

Me: How much do you want for it?



Sanjay C. Gandhi

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LOL :lol:

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