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Post a reply/GUESS to what you think this coin will sell for in 17 days from the date of this posting April 9th 2012.

India,     India: George VI Rupee 1939 (B) Reeded Edge,...  India,     India: George VI Rupee 1939 (B) Reeded Edge,...

The following link is to HERITAGE AUCTIONS

My guess is $13,225 including the buyer's premium-

So that would mean the price would be $11,500 + a buyer's premium of $1,725

But, you never know with an auction



Sanjay C. Gandhi

April 9, 2012 at 3:30 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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My guess for the final hammer price is $9500+ buyer's premium. BTW its one of the most beautiful 1939 Rupee coin I have seen with red toning making it more desirable.

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spend all the money in the world and still have some left over" 
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Probabily a little over $10K - I am thinking about $12000 after buyers premium. Price on this thing is crazy. But the craziest is the reported 23000 British Pounds (17 lakh Rs) that the VF example of the Security edge type sold for.

I was told that NGC has only 3 coins graded in MS state - have these ever been up for sale?

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From my experience i've never seen a mint state coin at auction in a slab. But Baldwin's has auctioned 3-4 examples in the past from 2006-2011 that looked like pretty good candidates for UNC examples. I've never seen a mint state coin auctioned by an auction house in India either, and most examples were of lesser quality. 

NGC registry shows the following  8 examples graded:

MS 63 (1) MS 62 (1) MS 61 (1) AU 58 (2) AU 55 (1) AU 50 (1) XF 45 (1)

PCGS shows shows the following 2 examples graded:

MS 64 (1) and XF 45 (1)  

There are only four examples graded in mint state so far, but I am sure that will change over the next months or years. Keep in mind that population reports do not reflect coins that are not assigned a "numerical" grade, nor does it account for any private transactions. If the grade is : AU DETAILS surface hairlines for example. The coin will not show up in the population reports. The coin is a rarity, but nobody can truly discern "how rare". Hope this helps-  




Sanjay C. Gandhi

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Hannah Fox
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Guys, I need your advice. I have a necklace - well, it looks more like a neck ring or even slave collar - attached to it is a coin. As far as I can tell it's an Indian one rupee from 1939 but it is welded to a silver choker and has an amber/similar stone covering the writing on the flowers side. I can just make out George VI and where it says emperor on the back where it isn't obscured by the band. Should I attempt to remove the neck ring or is this type of jewellery known and has its own value? Any ideas or advice, please?

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broken compass
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Please do share a picture of the coin

April 19, 2012 at 5:07 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Final hammer price was $12,650 ($11,000 + $1,650 buyers premium) for an AU 55 NGC COIN


Sanjay C. Gandhi

April 30, 2012 at 12:50 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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