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Vivek Rohilla
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Dear Members,

My topic is based on some confusion. some time when i searched coins on net or on mint then i found written over there this is unc coin or nearby unc coin. but how can a circular coin be a unc. reason both coins are made of different metal. Like one rs of 1970 on ebay it is written over this is unc coin but the coin was circular coin.

second does mint issued evey unc coin against every new series of coin like Rs 1 coin of 2012. if so then what is the differnce between them. does it is the difference of metal or weight.


Vivek Rohilla

September 7, 2012 at 12:30 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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I think all the coins are circular now, isnt it? :)

Jokes apart, I think you're pointing at circulating coins. On the grading scale, there's something called AUNC, standing for Almost Uncirculated. Its meant for circulating, but then it was stored or preseved well enough to maintain the same state as it was printed in the mint. If you open a fresh bag of coins from RBI, its as good as an uncirculated coin.

Pure UNC coins are only sold by the mints in separate/special packages, either as a part of sets or individual sealed collector packs. I don't think the mint issues UNC coins for every year, but does have sets for the new series.

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Navonil Mukherjee
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visit the following has all your answer about UNC coin

oh by the way mint issue UNC and proof set for each new serise and commorative sets, mint dos'nt issue UNC set for definative coins every year..

like every mints issued UNC set for new "Rupee" sign coins last time mints will issue this kind of UNC set when design of coins undergo big changes...

on the other hand mints issue UNC and proof sets for commorative coins like 100years of civil aviation, 150 years of income tax etc..


September 7, 2012 at 5:58 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Vivek Rohilla
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in a topic 1850/1962 coin broken compas purchased coin of rs 1 year 1950 and 1962. and Parshant jain written over there that they are seeming to be proof sets. however i know that these are the circular coins. but by saying it creates the confusion that the coins may be unc as Vishal said on the basis of preserveness of the coin. but how can it be a proof or near about proof. though it is a normal coin. so please see that topic and remove my confusion.



Vivek Rohilla

September 15, 2012 at 6:08 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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