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Hello Everyone.  I have been reading this forum for awhile.  I now come to seek advice.  In Indian coin collecting/investing there are so many options because of the long history and all of the seperate kingdoms.  What do you guys think are the best seriers to collect.   I only buy silver and base metals.  Currently I am working on 3 sets (1) Republic of India 1 rupee proofs, (2) Kingdom of Hyderabad 1 Rupee, (3) Kutch 5 Kori.  I have also completed 1 rupee banknote set.   What do you guys thing of these series, and what others would you suggest to get into?  Thank you in advance for all feedback.

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its good to hear that you are interested in collecting Indian coins, i suggest the following collections:

1) Indian Non-decimal coinage.( annas and rupees.)

2) Indian decimal coinage.( standard decimal denominations of paises and rupees).

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