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Dear friends, till the introduction of the Rs 500 note, we did not have Gandhiji on the front of our bank notes (except for a particular 1 rupee long ago). when it was introduced with the 500 note, all of you must have felt happy as it was a new format and the note looked good. later that note was banned as many counterfeits were being circulated. Thereafter Gandhiji came on all our notes , right from Rs5 till Rs 1000. isn't this overkill. As numismatics dont you feel that the design should change and that it is high time for the change. Previously our national emblem used to be on the front design, which is how it should be, with changes made to the back design. No disrespect to our mahatma. previously too we had commemorative notes of gandhiji which were a joy to hold. Few months back a news article was given in times of India wherein doubts were raised as to why there was no change in the design and why Gandhiji has become mandatory on the front. What do you all feel about this?

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yes, we have so many national personalities, i feel even they should be portrayed on our day to day used coins and notes.

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