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recently saw a for sale ad in a website. i felt that some of these coins do not exist. correct me if i am wrong.


1/4 anna----------1835----William 4th-------copper

1 Rs.-------------1835----William 4th-------silver

half rs.----------1835----William 4th-------silver

Quarter Rupee-----1835----William 4th-------silver

Half Anna---------1835----William 4th-------copper

Quarter Anna------1835----William 4th-------copper


Two Annas---------1840----Queen Victoria----silver

Quarter Rupees----1841----Queen Victoria----silver

Half Rs.----------1840----Queen Victoria----silver

1 Rs.-------------1840----Queen Victoria----silver

One Twelfth anna--1862----Queen Victoria----bronze

Half paice--------1862----Queen Victoria----bronze

Quarter anna------1862----Queen Victoria----bronze

2 Anna------------1862----Queen Victoria----silver

1/4 rupees--------1875----Queen Victoria----silver

Half Rs.----------1862----Queen Victoria----silver

1 Rs.-------------1862----Queen Victoria----silver

One Twelfth anna--1896----Queen Victoria----bronze

Half Pice---------1891----Queen Victoria----bronze

Quarter Anna------1886----Queen Victoria----bronze

Half anna---------1877----Queen Victoria----bronze

2 Anna------------1881----Queen Victoria----silver

1 fourth anna-----1890----Queen Victoria----silver

Half Rs.----------1886----Queen Victoria----silver

1 Rs.-------------1886----Queen Victoria----silver


One Twelfth Anna--1909----Edward 7th--------bronze

Half Pice---------1909----Edward 7th--------bronze

one Quarte rAnna--1910----Edw7th 7th--------bronze

One Anne----------1907----Edward 7th--------copper-nickle

Two Anna----------1904----Edward 7th--------silver

One Rupees--------1904----Edward 7th--------silver


were copper coins with william minted?  i know about the silver coins of william.

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This link mite help u:

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Saw the website. The copper coins of william time did not have williams face on it, i have those coins, it has the british coat of arms on one side. i didn't know that these coins are considered copper coins of william. was wondering if there are copper coins with william on them. now doubt is cleared. i have the coat of arms coins.

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any one can tell me the value of good 1881, Victoria Empress, Silver half Rupee, Calcutta Mint

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u are having a rare and precious coin!!!

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sry for the wrong link, that was for bombay mint:

depending upon ur condition u can get 10k-12k

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