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Hello all, i wanted to know the pricing of following coins by local dealers in your area (not krause catalog):

1) bhagath singh 5 rupee coin

2)1 pice coin with a hole 1943-45

3)used quarter anna copper coins in Fine/XF condition above 1900 year

will tell u the reason once i get some quotes :)

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1.bhagath singh 5 rupee coin --Steel Coin Rs10-15...Less if you purchase a Packet

2. 1 Pice 1943-45Mumbai and Pritoria mint coins are abt 50 for XF abd UNC abt 150 Lahore mint is bit expensive

3)used quarter anna copper coins in Fine/XF condition above 1900 year  ..

If not rare year like 1913 and few more then should be RS30-50 depending on condition

Few of them I have purchased at this rate some time back. Current rates might have changed.


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i had recently been to delhi and was strolling in chandni chowk area, diagnally opposite to gurudwara a person in old shabby clothes was sitting on the floor, with hoards of coins(none of them were silver half or one rupee :( ) , i thought i will buy coins at whatever price he says just to help him, surprisingly he was offering most coins @just rs 10, bought one pice Largecrown, one pice  High crown XF condition and  Bhagath singh 5 rupees which were missing in my collection  for just 30 rupees :) , if anyone stays in delhi please visit this guy and help him and help yourselves :)

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nice ,Anirudh ji.In Ranchi-Bhagat Singh is @10-20, Hole 1 pice [email protected], post1900 1/4 Anna copper coin @ 12-15.

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