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i am not able to upload pic of my collection dont dont know how to do it.. Is there anyone who can tell me its market value.. Plz tell your email id so that i can send the pics of it.. its a  beautiful collection mounted on wall... it has hundreds of antique coins

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Navonil Mukherjee
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from the picture its looks like they are glued to the has no value to the serious collector as the coins are damaged due to glue unless the glue is very mild one.. if you sell it to some school or some numismatic society they could buy it for educate other about the history of coinage or something and how not to collect it.

from the picture i cant see the coins clearly so can't estimate a value


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please send me pictures my e mail adress ,[email protected]

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looks like Navonile is enraged by the way u have treated these coins :)

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