coin of state coin of state Gwalior coin Pav ana This coin is struck in copper. The obverse shows the crude style "pug-nose" bust of Jivaji rao Shinde/Sindhia. The lettering in Hindi reads "Shri Javaji Rao Shinde Alija Bahadaur, Gwalior". Jivaji Rao was the last ruler of the state of Gwalior in the Sindhia dynasty, until India gained its independence in 1947. After India got its independence, the state of Gwalior was incorporated in the republic of India. Gwalior coin Pav ana The reverse shows the coat of arms of state of Gwalior. The lettering at the top reads "pav ana", which means 1/4 anna, the denomination of this coin. The lettering at the bottom reads "Samvat1986". This is the date of the coin. The dating is done in Vikram Samvat(VS). In Vikram Samvat, the counting had started from 57 BC. So we can simply subtract 57 from the year. 1986VS - 57 = 1929 AD. 135650869 1949 INDIA BARODA STATE SARKAR COIN - 1 PAISA - SWORD 1949 INDIA BARODA STATE SARKAR COIN - 1 PAISA - SWORD 135650870