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The aim of ICN is to spread information and awareness about modern Indian coins and provide social networking platform for Indian coin collectors

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List Of Bad Swappers


Omar Fritis
Coins sent on 12th October 2009; no coins received till date. Trader is not responding to my emails.[email protected]


Ashish HaralalkaThis guy is also known as 'Spock1k' and 'The Oracle' in many coin discussion forums. We agreed to swap 8 coins but I received only 5 coins in the mail. He might have send all of the coins but due to bad packing and poor envelope, the coins probably rolled out of the envelope. The ones that remained were messed up in cello tape. He also sent me a coin that I never asked for. But the thing that really made me mad is the fact that he mailed my coins after receiving my mail although we agreed to mail consequently.


 Ramzi G. FaisalThis guy is a bank note and silver only coin collector. I sent him bank notes worth $50 but never received anything in return. [email protected]


Lailani L. Fetalvero

I met her in a coin forum. Her online alias is 'haidee'. Don't know if she is a bad swapper or not but I had asked her to send me some Singapore coins and had sent her some coins as a return favor. She did asked for some time but its now been several years and I have given up hope.

[email protected]