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The aim of ICN is to spread information and awareness about modern Indian coins and provide social networking platform for Indian coin collectors

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Contributors to my collection

Over the years, I have been helped by a lot of people both collectors and non-collectors. So I would like to thank each and everyone of them in this page individually. Here is the list in no particular order:

Samapti Ghose

My Mom. She got me into philately and helped me accumulate both coins, currency and stamps. Whenever I like a coin and my wallet is empty; she is the one I turn to.

 Manik Ghose

My Pop. His contribution to my collection is immense.  Almost 15% of my Indian circulation coin collection are his finds.

 Monoranjan Ghosh

My relative whose collection of stamps and coins I inherited. He is person who got me into Numismatics.

 Subhasish Ghosh

My cousin who gave me his stamp collection. Most of my first foreign stamps came from his collection
 Nepali Dada (Name Unknown)

 A Nepali national who worked in a neighborhood shop and we became  friends. Although I don't know his name or his whereabouts now, he helped me a lot to build my Nepali coin, currency and stamp collection.

 Brojo Gopal Saha

 My neighborhood watch shop owner who helped me a lot with British Indian coins and Australian stamps.

 Shanker Ghosh

 My relative whose collection of British Indian and early Indian coins along with foreign currency I inherited.

 Latika Ghosh

 My maternal grandma helped me with my Bangladeshi coin and currency collection.

Tripti Ghosh

My maternal aunt saves for me all the commemorative coins that she finds and gives them to me whenever I get to go to Calcutta.

 Sutopa Ghosh


Bidyut Ghosh

 My maternal uncle and aunt who helped me accumulate majority of my German Pfennigs and US circulation coins.

 Rusty Zajac

 My American friend whom I met in a numismatic forum and whom I consider as my first foreign friend. Rusty (aka rzage) is helping me a lot with my U.S. type set collection as well as building a healthy U.S. stamp collection.

 Sandip Ghosh

 My Brother-In-Law. He loves to travel around the world and in this process I get to keep all his change that he brings from foreign land.

 Harry Hill

 My Aussie mate loves to hunt gold nuggets and got a wonderful sense of humor.  Met Harry (aka nuggethill) in a forum and since then been good friends. He gave me my first foreign FDC as well as pre-decimalization Aussie coins and stamps.

 Harry C. Johnson

 Another of my discussion forum friends, Harry (aka Harryj) lives in U.S.A. Harry helped me a lot with my U.S. cent and nickel year and MM sets. Also he gave me my first foreign token.

 Marvin Jahn

My German friend helped me a great deal with modern Polish, German and other European country's stamps .

 Darryl Fortunato

 Darryl (aka USS656) gifted me my first US silver certificate. He is from U.S.A. and a friend from CT.

 Holger Dietrich

 Holger, my German buddy sent me a nice mix of German and European stamps. Really nice and modest guy.

Michael Kimsky

Michael (aka ye olde) came out of nowhere in a German forum I frequent. Well, without much of an interaction he sent me many coins from European countries out of sheer benevolence.

Mark Tang

Mark is primarily a world paper money collector from Canada. He gifted me a set of 12 Canadian millennium quarters as well as a 1997 Hong Kong UNC coin set.

Andrew Greatorex

Many thanks to Andrew for his gift of bimetallic Thai 10 Bahts and UK decimal coins.

Dr. Wolfgang Schuster

 My Austrian friend Wo is a special contributor of 'Krause Standard Catalog Of World Coins'. He gifted me lots of coins including many hard to get countries and helps me a lot with information about latest coin news. 

Mujahid Shariff

Mujahid, my friend from Bangalore bought me many new UK shield coins from his UK trip.

Nihar Das

My neighborhood pan shop owner regularly saves commemorative and old coins that turn up at his shop for me.

Christian Kranich

Christian is an Austrian cigarette box collector whose website I once stumbled upon. He sent me three European coins.

Anupam Dey

Bablu Jain

 Satadal Chanda

  Prasenjit Ghosh

 Santanu Dutta

Deepak Banik

Rupkamal Bardia

My School & College friends to whom I am indebted much for all their help and support throughout the years and because of them my dream of completing Indian Republic year sets is coming true. Also gotta say that my collection features many of their circulation finds and also foreign coins from their foreign trips. Thanks guys.
Amrik Singh

I befriended Amrik on this very site and frequently interacted with him on Facebook. He sent me two beautiful Jital coins of

Muhammad Ghauri.

Hrishikesh Shenoy

My mate from Wales gifted me the royal wedding miniature sheet of UK

  Aminul Haque Mallick

My Bangladeshi friend from Dhaka, who also is the editor of 'Collector' magazine gifted me a few copies of his magazine as well as FDC and miniature sheet.