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The aim of ICN is to spread information and awareness about modern Indian coins and provide social networking platform for Indian coin collectors

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Swap Rules

1.Swap List

Anyone who wishes to swap coins should have a doubles/swap list in MS Excel format so that both the swapping partners can have a look at each others list and decide upon what coins he/she wants to swap. As a standard the swap list should contain Country name, denomination, year of mintage and if possible catalog number (km,y etc.)

2.Coin Grade

The grading of coin is subjective and hence it's accuracy is not so significant in swapping unless of course the coin is of high value. But it is believed in good faith that the coins listed in the swap list are lightly circulated examples with no corrosion or foreign materials in them. If the coin is in poor state; its condition should be made known to the interested party or better listed in the swap list.

For Visual Grading Tips. Click Here

 3.Swapping Preference

 Swapping is done using catalog values of latest Krause catalog. I no longer do 1:1 exchange. However I am open to do 1:1 exchange for special circumstances only, like year wise exchange of circulated definitive coins.


Coins should be packed in such a way that the contents inside the package can't be figured either optically or acoustically. The standard method of packing is wrapping each coin in a piece of paper and then pasting it in a light cardboard paper with the help of cello tapes. The envelope of choice is bubble mailer. It is safe to seal the four corners of the envelope with transparent tapes just in case the envelope gets torn.

Please remember never to directly tape the coins.


The exchange of coins should be made using Registered Airmail only; no exceptions. Comparing postage rate of two different countries for trade credit is unethical.

 6.Order of Events

First time traders and the ones with no previous swapping reference need to send the coins first as a confidence building measure. I will send my coins as soon as I receive yours. For experienced swappers with online reference in good swapper lists, coins will be mailed at the same time.

 7.Good Manners

When you receive the coins, inform the other party and if you liked the coins, you should thank him/her .